Make your employees life easier

Reward them with our welfare system for the lunch break and take advantage of specific tax breaks.

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EatsReady is the first startup in Italy that issues meal vouchers

Enter the new frontier of the meal voucher, revolutionize the relationship with your employees by eliminating paper stamps. Thanks to our innovative solution you can manage your employees' lunch break from every point of view.

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Enough with the paper

Simplify the management and reporting of your company meal vouchers, customize the data-processing according to your needs. Thanks to the EatsReady platform you will make your employees and collaborators forget all the cumbersome operations for the use of paper meal vouchers.

Optimize costs and save on taxes

Take advantage of tax breaks for the service supply: 100% deductible and 100% deductible VAT. Check the expenses, analyze the data and optimize the annual budget, on a single platform.

Award your employees

For each meal voucher used, your employees earn points to redeem for future purchases.

A all-around solution

With our app, your employees can benefit from the takeaway service or pay directly at the register, using digital meal vouchers.

How it works

Establish a customized credit

Define the amount according to your needs: supply a meal voucher measured on the specific needs of your employee. You only pay what your employee spends.

Ask your staff to download the app.

Your employees will be able to use the EatsReady app at partner restaurants, bars and supermarkets, enjoying the take-away service or paying in cash after using the PayNow function.

Analyze performance and report expenditures

Through the digital platform you can control all the expenditures made: change the amounts to pay out, analyze the statistics in real time and use the data to optimize the allocation of the future budget, reporting expenses in a few minutes.

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Other benefits


Thanks to our loyalty program, every payment on the app allows you to obtain expendable credits to use in affiliated bars and supermarkets.

The challenges within the app also help the employee to reach goals faster.

Customer care

24 hours a day, 7 days a week our customer service available in live chat to help you and your employees, whatever the difficulty you may face.

For you

You will receive support from the inclusion of employees to the reporting of the amounts, to the analysis of the data.

For your employees

We will answer to their questions, such as modifying an order or providing information on the app's functions.

About us

La Stampa

The goal of EatsReady is to simplify the corporate meal market, which is currently static, made up of more than 70% of paper-made restaurant tickets, and that implies long and complicated processes for all its actors.


No more POS used only for electronic tickets, no more unused expired vouchers, no more paper blocks [...] EatsReady has set to work for a sort of pivot towards a B2B market (2C) that sees companies as the main client and with the first partners among large companies.


Enjoying the same tax treatment as meal vouchers [...] EatsReady was thus able to offer companies its digital payment system for meals, with the same methods applied so far to private users.

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