EatsReady is the app that allows you to pre-order your takeaway in all the best restaurants in Milan

With EatsReady you can pre-order, pay by smartphone and pick up your takeaway at the restaurants at the time you want: find everything ready and skip the line!

Here’s how it works, it’s very simple:

  • Preorder: Discover the best restaurants around you, check out their menus and order in advance;

  • Pay: Pay for anything, from coffee to lunch, in a few simple clicks;

  • Pick up: Select your preferred pick up time and pick up from your restaurant avoiding waiting times;

  • Save/earn: Earn points with every order thanks to our loyalty program and save on your next orders;

In addition, thanks to the Loyalty Program, every completed order and challenge will accumulate points and credits to be used for your subsequent orders.

EatsReady is the best solution to save time and money every time you eat out!


What is EastReady?

EatsReady is a web and mobile platform for takeaway in Milan.

You can browse the menus of the best restaurants in the city, pre-order the dishes you prefer, pay with your smartphone and pick up conveniently at the restaurant at the selected time.

Plus, thanks to an integrated Loyalty Program, you earn points and credits to save on your next orders.

How can I use Eatsready?

You can use Eatsready by downloading our app available for iOS and Android or by accessing our website at www.eatsready.com.

In which occasions and cities can I use the service?

You can use Eatsready in our partner restaurants at all times of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The service is currently available in 250 restaurants in Milan.

How can I register for the service?

Registering is very simple. Open the app and enter your email or phone number. Confirm the email by opening the message in your email or enter the number received via SMS to confirm your mobile phone.

How can I verify my phone number?

To check your number, just wait for our confirmation text and enter the numeric code you received in the app.

How can I place an order?

To make an order, just enter the app and choose the restaurant where you want to eat. Browse the menu and add to your cart all the dishes you want to pre-order. Enter your credit card, collection time and any promocode. Just click on “Confirm order” and wait for the notification of receipt.

How do I collect an order?

Go to the restaurant at the time indicated by you for pickup, look for the “Tomatino” panel of EatsReady (usually located near the cash desks or directly at the entrance of the room) and scan the QR Code or use the NFC, this way the restaurant will know that you have arrived and will immediately deliver the order.

What if anything went wrong?

Contact our customer service via chat. We are happy to help you.

I changed my mind about my order

No problem! Contact our customer service, we will notify your new order to the restaurant.

I ordered but I had a setback

Don’t worry! You can always contact our customer service to delay your order and collect it when you prefer.

How do I know if my order is ready?

We will notify you as soon as the meal is ready with a notification on your smartphone, so you can pick it up.

I can't find my favorite restaurant.

Recommend it via chat, we will include it among our partners.


I have a promocode, how can I use it?

Enter the name of your promocode under “Insert promocode” before confirming the order.

How do the promocodes work?

The promo code functionality is easy: a name is related to a discount which can be in euros (€) or percentage (%). The minimum order that you need to do in order to use the promo code is usually always specified. In the case where it isn’t, the minimum order always amounts to 1 euro (1€) more than the promo code itself. For instance the promo code that you have amounts to 2 euros (2€), the minimum order must be of at least 3 euros (3€).


What is Loyalty of Eatsready?

The Loyalty of EatsReady is a Loyalty Program that allows you to accumulate points for each order and for each challenge completed through the app. Points can be redeemed and converted into credit to be used as a payment method for subsequent orders. You can find all the details related to Loyalty in the “Awards” section of the app.

How can I redeem my credits?

Turning Loyalty points into credit to use for your orders is very simple. Go to the “Rewards” section of the app, go to “Redeem” and select the desired option.

How can I use my Loyalty credits as a payment method?

To use Loyalty credit as a payment method you will first need to redeem them by following the steps previously described. Then, in the order summary screen, select “Use credits” and the desired credits amount. Proceed to confirm the order.


How can I add a payment method to my account?

To add a payment method, just open the app and go to the “Profile” section; then select “Payment methods”. Click on “Add a card” and select “Credit Card” or “PayPal”. 

If you want to add a payment method before confirming your order, swipe your card to the left and click on “+”.

The card that appears at the top during check out will be the one used to make the payment.

Can I modify my payment details?

To change your payment details, go to the “Profile” section of the app and select “Payment methods”. Scroll to the left and click on “Remove”. You will then have to re-enter your card details.


Are there any commissions or surcharges?

EatsReady does not provide for any surcharges or commissions. In rare cases, at the discretion and choice of the single restaurant, surcharges may be provided for the pre-ordering service. In this case, the item “Prices are subject to an increase of x%” will appear on the EatsReady page of the restaurant.

When will I be charged for the order?

You will be charged for the order as soon as you will have clicked on “Confirm order”.

How do refunds work?

To receive a refund simply contact our customer service at the mail address customerservice@eatsready.com or call +390256568649. Once confirmed, the refund will be credited to your card no later than 10 days from the confirmation day.


Which are the benefits for my clients?

Your customers will be able to pre-order and save time by skipping the line or paying at the register, getting points to redeem in credits for enjoying your new dishes.

May I install the EatsReady partner app in my register?

Yes, you may, but only if your register works with an iOS or Android system.

May my customers order with EatsReady and pay cash at my venue?

No, they may not. With EatsReady your customers can only pay with the app during the pre-order or directly at the register, using the PayNow function.

My venue will host a private event, may I notify it on the app?

Of course, just inform our customer service in advance, it will mark the venue closing for the event on the app.

May I insert offers on my dishes?

Yes, you may. Tell us about your offers and we will add them to the menu.

May I use your app on multiple devices?

Yes. You can download and use the "EatsReady partner" app on multiple devices with the same login credentials.

I forgot the login credentials of the partner app.

No problem! Contact our customer service which will send you the new login credentials to access the App.

Is it possible to edit my menu from the app?

Sure! Contact our customer service and let us know the features you would like to change. Your menu will be updated soon.

May I upload pictures of my dishes on the platform?

Yes. You can add pictures of your dishes in complete autonomy.

Do I need a specific device to use the partner app?

No, you don't. You can use the "EatsReady partner" app on all the devices you already own.